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Please Note: Our menu changes on a daily basis. The menu listed on this page may have changed since originally posted.


Warm Donut Holes  8.
powdered sugar, salted caramel

Dark Chocolate Mousse 9.
white chocolate snow, orange coulis, Jacobsen sea salt

Berry Cobbler 9.
sweet biscuits, vanilla ice cream

Lemon Cheesecake 9.
buckwheat graham, blueberry coulis, burnt honey

Milkshake 8.
Classic Vanilla or Chocolate 8.
with whipped cream

add kahlua 3.
add baileys 3.
add chambord 3.
all other liqueurs 4.

After Dinner

Dessert Wine & Port
Burmester 10yr Tawny Port, Portugal 9
Sandeman Ruby Porto, Portugal 7
Adelsheim Pinot Noir Deglacé, Oregon 12
Elk Cove, Riesling Blend, Oregon 11
Heitz Cellars Ink Grade Port, California 10

Brandy & Cognac
Laird’s Applejack 7.5
Hennessy VS 9
Boulard Calvados VSOP 11
Clear Creek Pear Brandy 12

Amaro & Drinking Bitters
Averna 9
Braulio Classico 9
Fernet Branca 8
Meletti 7
Ramazzotti 8
Amaro Nonino 10
23Hoyt’s ‘Lost Reserve’ Sweet Vermouth 9

Rishi Tea
All flavors 4.

Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Jade Cloud