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Brunch Libations.

Brunch Libations

(cocktails acceptable for daytime drinking)

Sparkling Cocktails
Mimosa  bubbles, orange juice $2.
Mimosa Carafe   $12.

Grapefruit Mimosa $4.
Grapefruit Carafe   $16.

add peche cordial 3.
add vanilla cordial 2.
add mure cordial 3.
add vodka  7.

Classic Bloody Mary
vodka, horseradish, celery salt, black pepper, worcestershire
lemon, hot sauce, tomato 9.

Bloody María
classic with tequila! 9.

A Nip off the Top
cognac, Kahlua, coffee, whipping cream 9.

Saint 75
sparkling, st. germain and lemon 5.

Flight of the Swift
grapefruit, sparkling 8.



regular & decaf 2.5
espresso 3.
americano 4.
cappuccino, latte, mocha 5.

Fresh Juice

Orange 3.5.
Pineapple 3.
Cranberry 3.
Grapefruit 4.
Lemonade 4.

Soda Pop

Pepsi 3.
Diet Pepsi 3.
Sierra Mist 3.
Ginger Ale 3.
Cock N’ Bull Ginger Beer 4.

Rishi Tea

All flavors 4.
Earl Grey
Enlighs Breakfast
Jade Cloud
Iced Tea 3.


Classic Vanilla or Chocolate 8.
with whipped cream
add kahlua 3.
add baileys 3.
add chambord 3.
all other liqueurs 4.

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate 3.